Let's Do the Nav-Warp Again

Hang on to your hairdos!  We're going back to bell-bottoms!  We may even go back to skinny ties, if you let us.  Also, you'll see Simon's hairdo in France and wonder: "How did he ever avoid international disaster?"

Please send old photos.  We'll post them and include any comments you want (and maybe some you don't want!).

Centre Farm 1977

    Question: Do these bellbottoms make me look fat? 

    Answer: No.  They make you look...  weird....

Easter 1

Zan in Bunny Ears

Jim, Keara and Sheep

Simon helps with the sheep - and if anyone shares this photo, they die

Zoom to the 80's for a family shot of Den, Sharon, Mike and Selena

Keara's birthday and Simon gives a young Zan the bunny ears!

We all join in the bunny ear routine - does this joke EVER get old?

Lea and Jim - very young!

Katadin 94

Jim W just getting to know the crazy family

Venice in the 60's

Paris 1992 - Francois Coppee

Paris 1992 - Baby!

Paris 1992 - Tramier Dinner

How did the "Watson Three" end up so strange?