Lea Comment:

I remember when this picture was taken in Venice—April 19??.

Mom and Dad took Maureen, Charlie, Ed and me for a three week tour of Italy.

This day was warm and sunny. We are posing in San Marco’s Square. Maureen found this at Centre Farm as she was helping Meme and Grampie sort through some boxes. She pointed out how she and I are wearing saddle shoes! I bought that red sweater set in Venice at the Italian open air market. Nice pants, Charlie! The parents look happy and the kids look grumpy.


Simon Comment:

Looks like we’re livin’ la vida dolce!  I have never seen so many Irish people looking soooo Italian. 


Mom and Dad think:  Someday, we’ll remember this and think about how much more fun it would have been to be by ourselves.


Ed thinks:  I’m going to be a Doctor, do I really need to go to a museum?


Charles thinks:  If I don’t change out of these pants soon, my head is going to explode!


Lea:  (silent, thinking deep thoughts, looking Itlian)


Maureen:  Are these people my family?