Wingin' it in 07

We flex across the country (with a short lay-over in Philly) to see the right-coast family. 

we all discuss ireland, how many pints did we drink?

a LOT, i tell y, boys, a lot

does anyone in this picture look like they could resisit a pint?

more photos of ireland - simon thinks: at least this happened while i was alive, even though i wasn't there

desh thinks: gloucester is the best town EVER!

that one, that one, and that one, and oh, that one too!

since this is cafe sicilia, dash let's his luchasi blood shine - he looks like the little italian he is!

meme has more of a "i'm french and don't care" look

lea taught declan to make a funny face with is fingers. he has not taken his fingers from his mouth since. thanks leaaaaahhh!

again, thanks a lot lea

a sunset view with watsons. lea says: "it's 10am in australia and i don't care!"

the brothers love wingaersheek

the west coast fam on the east coast

dash thinks: "if i'm quiet, grampy won't make me take out the garbage..."

fiddlin' around. ha!

uncle bill, taking a break between books

mary alice says: "the only way to get away from these donovans is to climb far away and surround yourself with rocks!"





if you leave little sand dollars, that will confuses the donovans

justin says: "brilliant job losing those donovans, uncle bill! finally, some peace and quiet!"

does monica count as a donovan? yes, technically. but she's smarter than they are, and cool

any donovans out there !?!

nope. just ticks with lyme desease. com'on in!!

the outlaws smell dinner, and approach the house

finally! a donovan! playing with his "big cousin" elizabeth

bill says: "Al! How did you get your kids to take out the garbage?"

Grampy says: "I didn't have much success, actually. That's why I now focus on the grandkids. Why do you think we invite so many up here?"

"That's true," say the two redheads, "We NEVER took out the garbage. Never."

Grampy actually situates this photo near the trash cans, hoping to get some help after the photo shoot

Chica says: "Garbage take out? You have got to be kidding me.."

Maureen says: "Don't look here!"

Grampy says: "Ok. After this photo, let's load em' up!"

These people are exempt because they are reading.

And that is why Monica reads so much! (note the Sunset t-shirt)

Dash says: "I can't take out the garbage. I'm too small. You guys might dump me in the trash can by accident..."


the west coast fam with meme and grampy

now they're actually coming to blows over garbage collection

some great shots by uncle bill

bah! real men read the globe!

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