Wingaersheek 06

Lots of photos here, but worth a look.  Dashi looks so tiny!  Natalie and Dec are buds.  Good shots of cousins too.  And of course, the Scrabble board.


Dash Role Dash Role 2 Tara makes Dash laugh - a classic! Dec and Dad sing "wheels" Dash - up close
Dash - WAY up close Natalie on the beach Natalie and Dec on the beach Something? Dec and friend playing in water
Dec and Dash in bed Dec and mom cooking Elizabeth piano concert Grampy sings "Bro can u spare a dime" Interview with Elizabeth

dash meets hannah

jules has the best toys!

an irish mafia shot - "have you seen my familiy?"

one generation

to the next

the ones who started it all

dash and meme converse


dec w/ his favorite cousin

andre helps out, but did he volunteer?

in summary, we're young. and you're boring!

look out for that crazy white wolf

"well i always thought st john's prep was a better school than phillips," says meme

cousin mike and dec

ellen takes fantastic photos!

that water isn't getting any warmer julesy!

this is east meets west coasts. yes folks, we're related

dash gets to know grampy, meme and leeeeaah

who says catching lime disease can't be fun?!

zika gets into it

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