Uncle Bill and "People Coming"

Uncle Bill and Mary Alice decided to drop by after UBill had finished his week of West Point Alumni meetings.  Bill, as usual, did a great job of bringing the family together.  Vince Casey and John Bresnahan came by for dinner one night.

The day before Bill arrived, Monica and I were telling Declan about some "people coming" to visit and how much fun it was going to be.  Declan is pretty good with names, but he may have been confused by "Mary Alice."  So Uncle Bill was "Bull."  Mary Alice was "People Coming."  That was her name.  I was a bit worried about this and tried to correct Declan - but Uncle Bill would have none of it.  We are pretty sure that Uncle Bill calls Mary Alice "People Coming."  Mary A was great about the whole thing and was definitely Declan's favorite "new person" of all time.

She took some great shots of San Francisco, which we include in this montage of "name that building."  There are also several cool shots below.

House with Flowers:  You'll note a picture with sunflowers.  If you look at this building carefully, you'll notice one level that has many windows in a row - like a trolley car.  In fact, these buildings are quite rare in San Francisco.  They actually were originally trolley cars which the city sold to folks in the Sunset district. 

Hall Ball.  This montage documents a mysterious Donovan game called "Hall Ball."  Invented by the senior editor of this online magazine, the rules are a mystery and change daily.  But if you visit who lives in the sunset, you're sure to be witness - and even play - this great American past-time.

TransAmerica - duh!

corner of "don't know" and "watch out for the gay guy"


You can tell by the grille! So don't be all "up in it"

Ask Charley



Ho Jo's?

see above paragraph!

Declan, who we do actually put clothes on now and again, with guitar

Wheels on the bus...

Folks, please excuse our appearance while our molars come in

Old MacDonald (version #23425123412324)

Hall Ball !!!!

See previous note about molars

People Coming gets ready for Hall Ball

this is actually a "high stick" penalty

reading with mary alice

zoo, nap, zoo

surfers on ocean beach - 1 mile from home!

bill and monica talk about the red sox

daddy and declan found a pumpkin!

uncle bill and cat

this is a great picture, butt...

read the sign above declan and you know what animal he is.

checking out the train

keeping a look-out for the train

wonder how many people that dude waves to A DAY


finally - back to civilization and a good firetruck

this train cost three bucks

Golden Gate Park - 3 blocks away!

the only "sunset" bill and mary alice saw - thanks to the fog

John B and Jennifer

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