Santa Cruz Train Ride

Santa does not live at the North Pole.  If you had traveled the world, giving presents to kids, where would you settle?  Way up north?  No way, man.  You'd kick it in Santa Cruz.  That's right.  Santa Cruz.  On the off season, you surf, maintain your weight (plenty of boardwalk food for that) and maybe take roller coaster ride or too to prep for the crazy reindeer.  We have the photos to prove it!

This video is interesting.  There is a guy in the Sunset who walks around with a parrot on his shoulder.  Of course, the parrot says; "Heellllllooooo" and "I'm a bird!"  Monica's friend from Australia sent Declan a couple birds (can't remember their names right now).  So Declan puts the bird on his shoulder.  He also does a little dance while daddy plays some piano.

Take 1

Take 2

getting ready for santa

sitting on daddy

check out the snow man. that's right, out here our snow is kept in nice, clean plastic bags.

picking out a christmas tree

setting the tree base

declan helping!

line up those trains because you got a boat load of Thomas the Train comin' at ya!

our card!

put the ornament on, take it off, put it on, take it off (repeat)

hard to tell whether he's putting it on or... well... you know the drill

dash on the way!

cleaing up - toga style!

all our friends came to visit

ready for snow, or rain

going to see the reindeer at the zoo

reading the 12 days

remake of those old photos of me and dec on the couch...

a boy's best friend - his stuffed dog

heading to the santa claus train in santa cruz

all aboooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaard

ready for santa and candy canes

mom and her boy - and dash too!

joey and joe sr.

the three little boys: olav, declan and joey

declan: "that is a very interesting snack, olav, how bout i take that off your hands for a while?"

almost got a peek-a-boo in unison

this is the "peek" part of "peek-a-boo"


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