Month 14

I like jumping and falling onto the coach (see photos at end).  This brings HUGE smiles.  In the back yard, we have basketballs.  I like playing with the basketballs that are half my body weight.  Dad tries to give me the smaller basketball.  But what does he know?  If you yell: "Dashi!  Two points!"  I'll pick up a basketball, bring it over to the basket and SLAM it in.

Yeah baby!

I also like gardening.  I go back into "Dashi's corner" of the backyard and talk to the ferns.  They're cool - at my height.  They are not as pretentious as the other plants.  They're sitting there saying: "Hey man.  We're ferns.  No big deal."  I dig that style.

The train table rocks, but I must admit, I get frustrated sometimes.  When I hold the train, sometimes it just won't stay on the track.  It's lame!  And frankly, this really ticks me off.  If I knew how to swear, this is where I'd do it.  Fortunately, I just sort of groan from my stomach. 

(great pics of dec too!)

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