Month 12

.I have a blue chair.  My big bro has a red chair.  I like running up and JUMPING into my chair.  This is fun!  Sometimes I miss the chair.  This is true.  But over-all, I'd say the chair-jumping experience tops my life experiences thus far.

I sometimes watch my big bro play.  These are moments of deep concentration.  I'm looking at what he does and trying to figure out how to do exactly that. 

Oh!  And I had solid food!  It's pretty good!  I mean, it's not too bad.  I am obsessed with using a spoon.  Why?  I have no idea!  That spoon thing looks just too cool.  I take some food with one hand, put it into the spoon, pick up the spoon with the other hand and then bring it towards my mouth.  The food falls out of the spoon.  I repeat.

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