Month 10

.Yes!  I can walk . That's right!  Walk, baby.  No scootin' (but lots of tootin').

Walking is not that hard.  Everyone makes a big deal out of it.  Aren't we supposed to do this?  Anyway, crawling was lame.  It made me feel...  just... sort of small.  Everything was a crotch view and a stiff neck.  Things are still that way, but now I can back up and get some perspective.

The dancing Santa RULES.  I'd just run this thing all day if they let me (and they usually do).

I also like daddy's phone.  This is cool.  I press all the buttons at once.  Not sure what the deal is, but I put it to my ear and start "talking" - this makes others laugh.  They don't know that I'm actually talking to Santa!

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