Hawaii 07

Nana and Papa invited us once again to head to Mauai.  Why they did this, after my golfing excursion last time, I have no idea.  But they did.  And we are grateful.  Mauai is as beautiful as ever and in no short supply of goats.  If you were worried about there being a shortage of goats on Mauai, well then I have great and fantastic news.  There are plenty of goats on Mauai.  Worry no longer!  We have seen them, and they are indeed plentiful.

We learned several things on this trip:

 - when in doubt, take your children to see goats. 

 - a train called "the sugar cane train" can actually be a hell-ride from which your butt never truly recovers.  They call it "the sugar cane train" because that's a name that sells tickets.  "Butt killing train ride after which you cannot walk" does not sell tickets.  These people are smart.

 - sand tastes good, but grapes are better (dash).  But you can throw sand and get away with it, sometimes (declan).

 - if simonica takes off for "dinner" make sure you frisk them for clandestine tickets to Paris

 - if you use the new, nifty "spray on" sun protection, make sure you spray all over your body.  Otherwise, you may end up with strange "sunburn patterns" over your belly and back.  This makes you look very foolish.  People look at you and think: "He's smart enough to put on the sun stuff, but too dumb to spray it everywhere?"

a nice mommy's day brunch. this looks like diablo!

the two moms!

dash, dad, mom

a retro hawaii family picture

dashi's favorite word in hawaii? "Bbbbbaaabbbbaa" or "papa"

that boy loves his papa

the beautiful sunset. the wind. the trees. you know what mike wants to do! speak german! yah!

if there is a train within a 10 mile radius, we'll find it

ready to board. dash says: "hoooo hoooo!"

your humble editor found the sugar cane train very bumpy but managed to smile

enjoying the ride wtih dash

we could see other trains, which was cool

n and p? "we love this train!"

dash observes the hawaiin sugar cane production

ready to go

the train rumbles along

nice view of the ocean

should we move here?

cool view from the side of the train

we're going to dinner. that's right. pay no attention to those Air France tickets in my pocket.

nana and papa (looking very papa-esque, given that hemmingway's nickname was papa)

dashi and liss confer

and when we can't find a train, by golly, we'll MAKE a train. this is declan's train of chairs. he got the thing extended out to the front yard

there is a certain light on our teeth here that gives us a little hip-hop platinum teeth "what of it" look. nice

"i threw your germain biaritz book in the ocean!" says lissa

the boys play in our patio

two bros

birds were flying around

our first morning, and by god it was early

beach bound and packs to prove it!

headed down the path

play a little soccer on the way

dec stays close to his moms

the rocks, our favorite spot.

aquarium time!

they were cleaning the tank, dec got a close look. it almost looks like he's in the water here

dash says: "relief from that sugar cane train!"

now for something, completely different - this is grandma's coffee

these are goats! when in doubt, take your kid to see some goats (which are also called kids, incedentally)

dash - the farm hand of the family - suddenly decides he's going "straighten these goats out" and takes a broom to them

quite literally, a horny goat

dec feeds the kids

dash, once again showing his experience as a herder, immediately pets the kids

go ahead i do the same thing at home!

great one of dash!

then it was back to the pool.

and the beach, where dash had his early-to-mid-morning nap

your not-so-humble editor

dec and daddy on their way to "surprise rock"

uncle mike helped build an awesome sand castle

ba ba

dec's train

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