Great DecDash!

Holy great montages batman, this is a dec-a-dash-a-palooza.  These are all great shots of the dynamic duo.  We spend lots of time in the backyard, talking baseball and gardening.  Or we just flop around on the couch.

One Dec story:  Sometimes on week-ends, Mon and I will try to give one another an extra bit of sleep.  We'll wake up and have breakfast with the boys, but then one of us will "creep off" to the bedroom for an extra hour of shut-eye.  The other day, we were playing in the front room in the early morning.  Declan was hiding in a makeshift lion's cave.  Mon says: "Declan.  What are you going to do in there?"  Dec says: "I'm going to wake up, have some breakfast and then go BACK to sleep!"  We were laughing so hard.  They really do catch everything.

riding another train!

with moms on the train

dash rides with daddy (not crying, that's just some alergy thing he gets)

decdash turn the table over and discover - it's a boat!

dash has about the cutest "roar" you ever heard

singing a round of ol' macdonovan

our friends chris and jen visited boston college and got me a hockey stick, which declan snagged for serious hockey sessions in the backyard

dashi "two points!"

smiley dashi finds a truck!

dash loves it in the back of the garden, he often sits down in (or on) the ferns and walks among these bushes.

inspecting the flora or "wowah!"

a brief discussion of baseball, flora and the backyard

dashi loves the plants!

close up dashi

letting wooden objects fall to a wooden floor produce a loud crack. this can be repeated endlessly.

dec must be napping because we have full reign on the thomas table.

that pensive look dash sometimes gets

but it doesn't last long

floppin' on the couch

about to flop on the couch!

hello mommy!

our boys topple quite a bit, as you can imagine

a classic dec shot

explaining things

3... 2... 1... elefun with friends!

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