The Gib-fam knows how to party.  While these photos look pretty mellow, trust us, folks, we were there!  For all Donovans, do not scoff at family photos that contain fewer than 15 immediate siblings.  These guys have a small family, but so what?  They could probably beat us in Scrabble.

Dec and Johnathan in the pool

playing with charley (the fish, not the godfather)

bart says to grampa: "I know they're strange, Gene, but they're YOUR kids!"

Will uncle Mike show Declan the cookoo clock for the 32,534th time? Sure he will...

How it all began!

Gib Fam 1

Gib fam 2

Gib fam 3

in the pool again

johnathan suits up!

is that johnathan, touching one of my toys?

playing peacefully together. let us cherish this moment

Lis says: "He speaks German! What of it?"

Johnn says: "I don't speak German. And don't really care, frankly."

Sun! Dooooowwwwwn!


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