Father's Day

We had Gus and Keara visit on Father's day this year, which was nice. 

Our home on 23rd street

Dec and Dad check out a plane on Ocean Beach

At the beach, Gus and Keara don't build sand castles. They build architectural monuments.

So is soooo good. Potstickers!

T is for Tower!

Ocean beach - just a mile from our house!

Declan says: "Gus! Shouldn't we put the river over here?"

Which one is two years old?

Touch my cone and die.


Daddy and Dec at water's edge

When Keara says: "I'm going for a walk" - belieeeeeeve her.

Sand is awesome

it's my day, i can do what i want

daddy didn't watch that wave!


sand castle complete, the duo relaxed and observed their work

showing off the best dad award

nothing really to say here...


K is for keyboard?

in the backyard, playing with the water castle

the princess' head is in the water, so this could spell trouble

hello? princess?

what the heck were all those flowers about?

don't know, let's open presents!

K&G say: "Yes, we do pose for pictures. What of it?"

the grestest gift ever? quite possibly yes.

the only tie i ever enjoyed eating

gate! close!

papa, enjoying father's day

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