Fall 06 round-up

The pictures below summarize some of our fun activities last Fall.  There are a lot of them and some of you may not have the patience.  But there are some gems in there.  The two boys dressed as firefighters and mon as "fire" for Halloween is awesome.  What a great mom!

I loved going to the zoo and getting that bird to come over to us with food.  We had tried it before and it didn't work, but this time, the bird flew right over.  At first, Dec was a little wary, but he got into it.

The "contemplative" Dash pics are great.  He has always been smiley happy boy, but he has a very thoughtful face sometimes.  Mon knows how to catch him on camera.  We captured Dash's intro to solid food - and Declan helped.

We have a visit to not one by two pumpkin patches and a montage of "Daddy and Dashi" taken by Declan.  You will also learn why we call Dashi "frenchie."

declan's playgroup buddies: dec, joey, elenore, lucas and william. man! william looks so tiny!

this is what i find when i get upstairs from work

painting faces at playgroup

hey! what about me!

great smile from the dash man

uncle mike makes us pumpkin pudding

ready for halloween

the two firemen ready to get some candy!

feeding birds at sf zoo


dash wants to eat his hat, not wear it

dec was a little wary of that bird

there he goes!

must be mon's b-day

tough blowing out your own candles in this house!

the mom's group! look at how the clan has grown!

dash is sacked out. dec is not happy. strange!

if you come to sf zoo, this is dec's favorite thing to do

at ocean beach. dash samples the sand. and i do mean sample

rubbing sand in hair good for scalp

bringing the big yellow truck was a good idea

an old cardboard box becomes a train!

dash looks on as dec "fixes" the train

dash. the early, pensive months.

your humble editor

dec and dash play, man we used to have to watch em

dash tries solid food.

dash is OUT at the park

dash looking at dec looking at me


over-loaded with boys

hiking up to pancakes

laura joins the hike!

pancakes on top of the mountain with the dempseys


dec is exhausted. i'm thinking: "you gotta be kiddin' me!"

country cousins? you awake in there?

great shot of mom and dash

dec sleeps on

with smiles like that we must be headed out on the town

dad's b-day. back off dash!

dec is always there to help

this is pretty much dec at a glance. underpants. rain boots. stickers all over his face. snack time!

come ride the pumpkin train

choose carefully little jedi

joey enjoys a horse ride

there goes dec again, ridding off into the sunset!

balancing and waving - what a pro!

dec looks

we simply could not get them to look at the camera at the same time

yup. not going to happen

dash? can you look over here little pumpkin head

there we go. a pile of pumpkins

if ansel adams photographed kids in pumpkin patches, he'd do something like this. pensive. quiet. pumpkins.

makes me want to drink cider

pop - a - wheeley!

dash climbs in

pensive. quiet. pumpkins. cookies.

a pumpkin headed pumpkin head!

now for something completely different! the naked guitarist on a potty!

playing your favorite: tinkle tinkle little star!

papa's b-day?

different pumpkin patch - they're looking in the same direction

but not for long

a corn beard

dash loves that grass

dec takes the train out

this is as good as it gets in the backyard

dash says: someday, big bro, i will sit on my butt no longer. and you will be sorry.

i'm little and i smile

i'm little and i smile

that racoon thing is chowing the pumpkin!

tough getting nana and papa on the train

playing with cousins at auntie patti's

we took miffy out again and dec was over-joyed

ready for halloween treats

dec and dash are firefighters and mommy is fire!

the train in monterrey. possibly the coolest single thing ever

monterrey acquarium

dash loved their playroom

dashi! do you see sharks?

declan! do you see sharks?

pretty mommy! do you see sharks?

pumpkin shark!

the family. one of us is not wearing pants

lissa is wearing pants. let that be known.

mommy's cake

xbox man. i think dec took this.

then he took my feet

his feet

dashi and me - by dec

puzzle pieces of a train, but declan donovan

daddy's legs, puzzle pieces by of a train

my brother's hand grabbing MY puzzle pieces

dash looking at me, daddy saying 'careful of that butto', by declan donovan

dash and daddy, but declan donovan

dashi's belly while he's learning to walk, by declan donovan

the combination of cake and train make for a very happy boy

everyone put pants on and we got a family pic!

good family pic

when i saw this photo, i gave dash the nickname "frenchie" because he looks like a little frenchman!

classic dec look

another classic dec

playing at nana-papas is awesome!

train cake!

birthday party where they let you eat super-sugary juice! this rocks!

why yes! i actually prefer riding zebra! it's more efficient than muni - just ask the crawford girls!

shannon orders the animals.

moms relaxin' at the park

jacob and declan at the pumpkin patch

mommy and dash

i never got these things, but the kids love em'

swingin' tricks on the bike

the family in haloween attire

the pumpkin gang

mon on the gg bridge

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