Easter 07

Our sponsorship from Chevron "dried up" in Easter 07 so we hunted eggs at home and then went with nana-papa to the Diablo Club.  Now this brings up an interesting Donovan phenomena.  Dec seemed very much at home riding the little horses at the club.  Dash was having none of it.  Zero.  I actually didn't mind the horses.  Apparently, I can stand horses - so long as they are actually shorter than I.

The egg hunt at the club was awesome.  It was quite a site.  In general, people were civil, this is a golf course after all.  Dec picked up special prizes in one of the eggs.  I ran upstairs to collect the prize, thinking it was more for big boys (like my age) but it turned out to be a basket full of cars and stuff.  Pretty cool.  I was hoping for a plasma TV.

this is bunny. this is DASH!

eggs are easier to find when you're a big boy

an egg within an egg. profound. let us study this and learn.

oh yeah! dash in da house!

good pic to share with his first date?




on easter there is just nothing as cute as seeing little children terrifying a poor bunny. it warms the heart

while this looks like a freaky creature, it's actually a goat and a bunny (who knew they got along so well?) dec pats "with the back of my hand!"

chickens, a staple in the easter fanfare

dec's new house! kidding, of course. we'd never leave him alone with chickens.

time for a horsie ride, which dash was having NONE of.

dash says: "sure. just put that four-legged freak over there. i'll hang on to dad." a true city boy.

dec says: "stoppin' in town fer some supplies..."

dec, a cowgirl (who obviously detests getting her picture taken), dash (sort of into it), and dad

man. he could just ride off into the sunset and i wouldn't think anything of it. doing aunt oren proud!

mom says: "enough goats, chickens, bunnies and horsies. let's get a mimosa!"

"these mimosas are all for us."

yes. those are eggs behind us on a golf practice green. this may be my personal best on a golf course

getting ready

dec surveys the land and considers his strategy

and they're off! no! don't run back! go push some kids over and get some eggs!

mom takes off. she had just decked a lady in a flower dress screaming: "give me that EGG!!"

dec moves in.

pretty good pile.

dash did well, but he really didn't see the point. for the record, he did actually pick up the eggs and put them into the bucket by himself

in one of the eggs, there was a special ticket for a super-prize! yeah!

more plastic from china!

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