Easter 06

East 06 was sponsored by Chevron.  We started off with eggs at 1622 and ended up with a very cool Chevron oil tanker over at nana-papa's.  It's a fuel-filled new tradition.

let's go find those eggs!

oh yeah!

we got baskets

cool! easter presents!

declan does his best charlie parker

blow yardbird! blow!

that sounds terrible! says dash

getting ready for the ride to nana-papa's

note the chevron truck in the back - happy easter and fill er up!

easter bunny says: "chevron? what's up with THAT?"

enough of chevron, it's time for hoops with papa

papa steals the ball from declan! in true warrior style!

chevron fuel - so good i'd put it up my nose (if mom let me)

i don't even know what chevron is!

there's that easter family -- oops - sorry. we meant the chevron family!

we love lissa!

good! papa's not around! no more cheating!

great shot w/ papa

dash - so little! no idea what techron is!

more easter presents from nana!

hang on dash... i can make this shot!

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