Declan turns 3

Not only do we have a son named Dashiell, we have a 3-year-old named Declan.  This may come as a surprise to frequent navonod visitors.  Below are some pics from Dec's 3rd birthday.  In great family tradition, we had about 10 birthday parties.  They all sort of blend together.

with mom!

a serious start (probably due to lack of sugar)

this may be dec's birthday, but i am still the owner of a swingin bachelor vampire cape!

driving charles' rocket ship

down to biz

strong lungs! good. SAT scores? don't know yet...

is mike going to speak german to me?

feelin' the buzz.

riding the block with neal and the new skuut bike

brakes? nope!

did i bring my book?

with a butterfly tattoo on his forehead, he gets to work

dec is more of an upside-down guy. elenore likes the sideways view of life

little bro enjoys some of his toys

the edge and bono? paul and john? simon and garfunkle? we'll see. for now "lucas and declan" are pretty anonymous

declan cuts some vocal tracks. note how his bed-post doubles as a great studio mic

when you have free cake, you have friends. this is a law you can follow throughout your entire life. just ask the crawfords!

mon thinks: "is it a good thing simon works from home?"

the fam on dec's b-day

the shirt says it all, folks

somehow dec got hold of mon's NORAD controller! yikes!

i didn't say "fire!" i said "higher!"

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