Dec turns 2

All I can remember from this time is that we thought Declan spoke so well, and now he says things like: "Daddy, when you travel to Texas, why does the airplane stop in LA?"  Back then, we thought he was so big and grown-up.  Some amazing shots of him in the tree in grandma's backyard. 

And of course, we have shots of the lawnmower.  This had to be Declan's first all-out LOVE it gift.  Of course, the Thomas train set and table was amazing.  But that lawnmower.  Watching him makes me almost enjoy mowing the lawn again.

playing in the tree at grandma's

no wonder he looked at me funny

how did nana climb up here? is she a friend of curious george?

watching chris isaac together. blue leisure suit with rhine stones. wow.

papa dressed as a witch golfer and nana dressed as a ghost smoosher - are these guys great or what?

the three gals

he loved that green hangy stuff

amazing. the one thing we don't want him to do on the thomas table.

and this is how thomas the train managed to take over our living room

uncle jerry and grandma look on, while uncle charles says: "check out my running shoe!"

neal and charles look positively PUMPED to be at declan's party. whoooo - hoooo! good shot of grandpa as well

we're americans, folks. the only thing better than processed food is fake food

then.... there was.... the lawnmower. greatest gift ever

mowing the... carpet... ok. concept is understood... need to work on location. charles thinks: "I could sue that little kid in two seconds..."

lawsuit with charles avoided! we're in the backyard, mowing grass. this thing actually doesn't touch the grass. but it blows bubbles, which is cool

look at the cut! perfect!

his head barely makes it over the chair - can he get that candle?

yes! we can do it!

dec on left, then dad, then mon - (and dash is in this pic too!)

declan says: "there goes uncle mike again. put sugar in that dude and he starts speaking german!"

now it's time to watch some cartoons on uncle mike's iPod (which is german for "iPod")

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