Dec cleans the house while mon controls norad

How did we come up with the extra cash to buy that Prius?  If you must know, Monica holds down a second job controlling missile defense systems from her computer in the kitchen.  It's a flexible job, and does not require travel.  That's how!

Other photos include taking our country cousins to the zoo and getting used to Dash.  Maureen and Lea drop in for quick pics as well.

chillin' with papa

what are these ridiculous things you people hang in front of me?

contrary to popular belief, dec dash aren't the only ones with birthdays

dec with n and p

let's show our country cousin johnathan the zoo

"long neck" - dash didn't say this yet, but he would shortly

is he gonna kinda just crawl around like this and spit up all the time?

hoopin' it up

reading with aunt lea - awesome! it was so great having lea here!

lea and keaz take over the kitchen

cleaning up. truly amazing photos. he definitely doesn't get this from mom or dad...

wait! my hand is yellow and huge! what the?!?! oh yeah... glove....

take a break from cleaning, make some calls

lea - headed for south australia

hanging with dec, dash and dad

aunt maureen came by!

mon at her "control station" she actually runs norad from here, that's how we afford the prius

mom's three boys

we called him "fat boy" for a while, but meme found out and told us in no uncertain terms that this was unacceptable

declan, giving orders and closing the door. pretty much sums up my week-ends

an enlightened mom?

oh yeah. the aura is strong

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