Dec B-Day 06

A major holiday follows Christmas.  That is, of course, Declan's birthday.  This year did not disappoint. 

Check out the videos and photos below!

Merry-go-round Happy Birthday! Blow out the candles!


playing with trucks

how old are you? "twenty months!"

happy birthday giraffe (it's everyone's birthday on declan's birthday)

the z-man! mr. zebra

let me in! i can do this "zoo animal" thing

seriously, let me in...

can YOU let me in, mr. gorilla?

ok, i'll go play with the peacocks instead

a b-day ride on the merry-go-round

hello mommy!

in case you didn't see the first one!

oh yeah! i can feeeeeeellll that sugar buzzzz kiiiiiiickin' innnnnnn

what are YOU lookin' at?

mom? mom?

dad? we're all in a sugar-a-paloooza

time for a piano pic! look at that baby!

um. more cake please?

trucks in waiting while the boss eats

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