Dec and Dash

We're so happy to have Dashiell in our family.  But even more amazing is how great Declan has been with Dashiell.  We'll dedicate this page to "dec and dash" two brothers who seem to be off to a great start.  We'll try to document to good, bad and ugly of brotherhood.

In the first set of photos, Declan just couldn't wait to hold his little brother.  He says: "Hello baby Dashiell!" in the morning.  When Dash is hungry, Declan says: "I hear little noises!"  The other day, Dec and daddy were leaving for the playground, and Declan said: "I have to say good-bye to baby Dashiell." He's very gentle with the baby and gives plenty of hugs and kisses.

Ailis sent us two Red Sox bags (we assume for Dec and Dash - dad will use when needed).  Declan LOVES his bag and can't wait to get on a plane "to go to salt lake city and see juleshannah."

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