Dashiell's Baptism

We had many visitors from afar for Dashiell's baptism.  Uncle Ed brought most important religious artifact - a Red Sox baseball bat!  That got much usage in our backyard!

nana and papa with dash

the group sings with the priest from new orleans!

and the WHOLE FAMILY said "AAAAAmmmmen!"

simon went for the mafioso look, while monica stayed conservative

dashi says: "are you kiddin' me??!"

you'd think after 8 years of catholic education he'd be able to at least mouth the words right...

with god parents like these who needs parents?

hanging out with judy, grandma and mom

great shot with papa

charles finally gets his hands on a real martin guitar


two bros

kiss from big bro

mike thinks: "law school or legos?"

big pilies of presents from nana!

smilin' with mom of course!

um. dudes. you guys weren't thinking of... cutting me up, were you?

why don't we ask judy to babysit more often? hmmm...

it's always great when the caseys drop by. and if the food is free, you can count on it baby!

in this photo, simon appears to be the shortest

there we go. world order has been restored.

chris was not asked to jam

the kitchen was cleaner when i ran it! says grandma

duuuuudes. that is soooooo un cool. seriously, show some respect. i mean, that is soo lamb.

now, for the real religious event

ed bought a red sox bat, which became the defacto backyard toy for the next 100 years

nana! seriously. BIG PILES of presents!

only a father of three can play guitar, and still bag his nephew trying to scam some cake icing. look out for u charles!

with dashiell baptised, there was much waving of the red sox bat

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