Dashiell Turns 1

Some of you might say: "Wait a minute, I'm not even sure who Dashiell is."  Folks, neither are we!  But he's here and he's one.  We have the lack of sleep and damaged stereo equipment to prove it.

the crawford girls really took to thomas-the-treain, which makes me think they'll like sleater-kinney

turning 1, but looking like he wished he was 21, dash weclomes his guests

lava lamp in hand, and sporting a cool bike, dash heads out on the town - swinging bachelor dude!

ladies? you diggin' my lava lamp?

when we visit family, we like to get as much reading done as possible. this hones our skills at ignoring people

switching from lava-lamp-expert and motorcylce enthusiasts, dashiell shows off his swinging-bachelor-vampire-gown outfit. ladies? you dig?

dec's favorite person in the world? lotti - by about 10 miles

on this sugar buzz, even dad's take on a certin - if not exactly funny - at least humorous tone


sugar. sugar!

sugar!! sugar!!! SUGAR!

mike starts speaking german (because he thinks EVERYONE speaks german). his nephew looks on...

continuing in his german, mike puts icing on his nose, apparently some kind of germanic birthday celebration tradition.

yes. for the 1,000th time. i am sure that the red sox game is set to be TIVO'd

lissa says: "sprechen deutch, warum?"

we're the crawfords! we do not speak a word of german. but someone told us there would be free cake, so... voila nous y sommes!

have germans started invading this neighborhood? gosh... wie gehts?

meanwhile, back at the train set, the crawford girls have somehow managed to redesign MUNI so it shows up on time. mayor newsome arrives...

those crawford girls really are quite good

get yer butt out of the way of the new MUNI design!

anne demures, claiming: "my girls are smart, we're just happy we could help with the whole MUNI problem..."

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