Dashiell - Day One, Two, Three...

Today at 4:15AM PST, Dashiell Barich Donovan was born in a very windy and stormy San Francisco.  Mom and Dash are doing great.  Daddy is proud and happy!  Declan loves his younger brother.  He is very nice and gentle with the baby.  Since Dashiell doesn't really do much these days except eat and sleep, Declan's favorite question is: "What is baby doooooin'?"  He also enjoys wearing Dashiell's baby hat - all of which he has managed to stretch.

For those unfamiliar with the name Dashiell (pronounced "DASH - ell"), check out Dashiell Hammett, well-known San Francisco writer.  His best is Maltese Falcon.  If you don't have time to read the book, just rent the DVD.  It stars Humphrey Bogart.  How cool is that?  We can also provide you with a quick history of the name Dashiell.

Mom and her "Dash"

Taking his first bath, not too happy about it

with Dad - this is awesome!!

please let me sleep...


nana comes by for a visit!

both boys asleep - a peaceful sight we shall not seldom see

daddy's swaddling skills were never great

mom looks on at her boys

declan - still mommy's boy

Dec's favorite question: "What's baby Dashiell doin'?"

a present from dash to dec

look at his tiny ears!

bothers for life - because they have no choice

mom and her new boy


the hats at the hospital are really quite small

dad - can i have my hat back please?

there is the greatest of the greats - monique w/ dashiell

the boys of 23rd ave

declan with blackberry

dad loves his new boy

hanging with the boyz

declan showing off his anchor steam stickers

mom and dash

declan's artsy photo section

"dec! point the camera at someone!"

good shot of those anchor steam stickers. note dash's hat on declan's head

loves his little bro

papa and his boys

declan - up close

declan, lying around

dad and the new little one

declan, psyched to see his new brothers

BIG yawn

first day home!

uncle mike

lissa, dash and a little bit of dec

dash with grandma

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