Christmas 05

This was a special Christmas, as Declan really began to understand exactly what all the presents were about.  Check out the photos below PLUS Declan singing Jingle Bells with his new ukulele guitar.

Santa really came through with Thomas the train, kitchen set and a bunch of trucks.  We love being here in SF with Christmas eve just down the street and then over to nana papa's in the morning.  It's like Centre Farm, but better weather and a Starbucks on the way.

Check out these videos of Declan's Christmas eve and morning!

Christmas Morning - Take 1 Jingle Bells with ukulele Figuring out Thomas the train hitches
Playing with the new oven Train Ride! Helicopter
Bang that drum!    

putting our eyes on

i can see clearly now

eye see what you're saying

if your wife looked this good, you'd be bug-eyed too!

seriously simon, take those eys out.



getting into the whole present thing

our tree, scrawny but strong

cooking big chocolate cakes in his new oven

jamming on his new uke

playing with the santa train - check out dad's ultra-cool gingerbread man pants. girl magnets for sure!

makin' roads

declan the barista

mom gets ready to open her set

thanks uncle ed!

in the city - a great book for a city boy

mom shows off the new gifts

reading at nana papa's

headed for punk rock central

mommy needs new hair color

thomas trains!

jamming again!


get on the train headed for birthday ville!

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