Boo at the Zoo

The SF Zoo sponsors a "boo at the zoo" day where you dress up your kid and take him to see the animals.  At one point, a lion got very mad.  It may have been my orange hair or the meat they hid in a pumpkin (no joke).  In any case, most of the day passed uneventfully - but we did get a Wallace and Grommit flashlight which is about as cool as you can get in trick or treat land.

This brings us the the lion suit that Nana made for Declan.  What a great Halloween suit!  Nana made the whole thing, which is awesome.  Declan loved it.  Well...  He loved the tail.  He refused to wear the lion mane unless he was able to roll a pumpkin (something he is not usually allowed to do).  Joey, our good friend featured elsewhere, loved to wear his mane and they were truly lion brothers.  We managed to get one shot of them together.

am i frightening my son?

the lion's mane rides next to him, in the stroller

the fam - minus one lion mane, plus one freaky orange haired dude. doesn't mon look AWESOME?!?!

this picture is strange

train ride at the zoo

this thing moves along!

watching the train

hiding in a tree!

NOTE: my hair is not actually that grey, it's just the flash. Seriously. It is.

helping mommy cook!

ride em!


with mom - the best!

feeding goats!

the dirty dozen!

sitting with hanna, life is good!

hay ride with daddy!

tractors are awesome

daddy tries on the mane

but not declan

there we go!

with friends on halloween!

the bees were our hosts

spider mom

pajama family

the lion brothers!

mommy looks great as a witch and daddy lost his wig somewhere!

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