Aunt Lea and Cousin Keara

Lea was nice enough to come out to visit us when Dash was brand new.  We had a great time.  It was great having Lea around, talking about the times she had kids Dashi's size.  Dec loved Lea - I still think he prefers her reading to anyone he knows.

And then Keara showed up!  It was awesome.  It was like a mini-Watson-Donova-combo-platter.

Lea sang us It's a Rainy Day all week-end and we sang here South Australia

we love these two! great pic!

a wee little dash says hello to keaz

and to YOU!

dec says: it's a rainy day, it's a rainy day!

sliding down...

this is what mon days, every day. will she really miss these days?

playgroup - lea helped out!

at the aquarium

declan literally walks on the ceiling

1622, we love it!

dec at "our" playground. the swing richie fixed is a couple down from this one

a moment just with dash, ice cream sandwich included!

the fam heads to the discovery museum. that bridge in the back is ours. we OWN it.


and dirt, and dec is happy

helloooooo belooooooow

we both look so tired. then again, when have we both actually looked well-rested?

i know! i remember! great one of a wee leetle dash

then it's off for coffee with charles at the ferry building

look at dec's gait here. quite the fashionable young man, sporting a sticker from a cop (he asked for two)

the fam at the ferry building

folks, this is my mom, i'm trying to teach her how to eat. and she's getting there... slowly...

presents from keara - who slept in the front room

smoky the bear! smoky the bear! lea brought a great friend for dec. and obviously he needed some cheerios after his long trip from boston

dash LOVES lea

a concert for dash, who appears quite frightened, actually. but hanging in there. if he could walk (or move) at this point, he'd be gone

feed. burp. poop. repeat. (sleep throughout)

the sun through the boys' room with mom and a sleeping dash

ocean beach! a mile from our house! we call it wingaersheek with surf

dec's home

dash says hello to mommy

too many cooks?

the dash man, with dads

our children's safety is priority number.... hmmm.... five?

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