Adventures in SF

Did you know you can call your local fire department and they will give you a tour of the station and let you squirt the hose?  Did you know that the donovan family keeps track of certain thomas-the-train track setups they have?  Things have gotten so bad that nana bought daddy some extra thomas tracks last year. 

There is also a great shot of the police, starting off their world-wide tour.

see ya mom! i'm going to fight some fires!

he doesn't look particularly worried, given his recent job function

we know mike doesn't drink, but...

ah! sugar buzz.

a record of a truly AWESOME thomas track setup by dec, dash, mom and dad (well, really just dad...)

two brothers in a cuppord. dec used to do this, now he can't fit!

hiking in muir woods

mom and dec found our new apartment! about the size of a house we can afford in sf!

with dec's imagination, the benches soon became a train with empty flatbeds

dash - even at this age, we know the name matches the personality

folks, my wife took this picture. was she training our boys for mug shots? don't know. ask her!

dash donovan. arrested for: jumping into a small blue puffy chair and laughing. released on bail of one hug

he actually looks like he's headed to jail

dog ears and cowboy hats - just another day in the front room

LOVE this one

hey partner

dec's expression is awesome: yeah baby! we're austin powers times two baby! yeah!

he looks like a real kid, not that little babe we brought home..

dash "mugsy" donovan, exiting jail

water in the back yard is awesome.

dec - nice boat placement - keepin' it all PG13 here at navonod!

speaking of PG13, let's head to the zoo

dashy says: "naaahh nayy" which is "long neck" for giraffe!

couple cool cats on the couch

did someone say couch? i LOVE the couch! let me on!

seriously, let me up there!

our artistic director and photographer - declan!

yes. this house is mine.

i don't care, just let me on the couch

yogurt - not just a meal, an experience!


yogurt - a meal AND an experience

a truly awesome thomas track - this is all dads folks. he is a genius.

the police reunite for a world-wide tour!!

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