Abir and Anu in San Francisco

Our friend Abir and Anu came to visit us in San Francisco just before New Y ear's.  Abir asked me: "Will it be rainy?"  I said: "Nah man!  This is San Francisco!  Bring light clothes and a sweater for night outings."  It rained 5 days straight.  At one point, Anu said: "So this place is like Seattle then?"  I looked at Mon.  We couldn't BELIEVE we had invited friends out to such terrible weather.

Anyway, they had a blast and Dec loved playing with Abir and Anu!  Declan called Abir "beer" - which is not bad at all as a nick-name.  Maybe I'll call myself "beer" from now on.

Anu teaches traditional Indian dance in Atlanta.  Very interesting!

declan runs down 24th street

dec - waaaaaayyy past bed time and loving it

monica and anu. dashiell too!

declan gives anu the big smile

can you say: "100% supplier enablement"

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