A trip to the park in may (06)

Declan is always helpful with Dash.  Sometimes we'd head to Golden Gate Park for a boat ride and to check out what the ducks were doing.  These are great days.  A couple things to remember as you look at these photos:

 - We don't think Dec was seasick on the boat.  But he sure looks it!

 - Be careful of "white guy's hand" monster.  Deadly!

this is my brother, this is my ernie. don't ask me which one i love more

he just sits there. what's the big deal?

we cut down the 100 or so "artistic declan pictures" and give you this one. which is quite nice.

hold em up!

great one of the bros

dashi smiles, declan can always make him laugh

is that declan burping dash? "I get to ride in the front seat because I BURPED you when you were young!"

a boyish dec

then it's off to GGP, lots of adventuring around here

talking to the ducks

difficult to see, but there's a natural-made tree fort over there

the igrid peacefully chomps some grass

when FROM NOWHERE comes the creepy white-guy's-hand monster! look out igrid! look out!

sitting on a bench, watching the electric boats

a nice pic of the family. in case you're wondering, we didn't get any pics of the electric boats. not sure why

there's the lake, but no boats. we swear, there were quite a few, and they were cool lookin' too!

can a baby not relax in the shade and catch some vibes without some dude with a camera clippin' away in my face?!?!

riding on the boat. we were wondering why dec was so quiet, now he looks seasick

dash LOVES reading the paper now. i wonder why

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