Grampy One-Liners

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#1. "They accept credit cards. IT'S FREE!!!"

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Oren Elizabeth Paulin Remember, Mr.Z maybe our last animal: so be good to him.
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Oren Elizabeth Paulin When Dad came home from work, he opened the door and yelled "Fun, Dad's home!"
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Ailis Donovan Kiernan See if you can be the first one to see a potato chip truck.
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Keara Maureen Watson To me, a long time ago, "What do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor? The first woman president? Or, maybe a doctor?"
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Simon G Donovan Dad: "You kids can be whatever you want to be. I don't care which branch of medicine you study."
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Simon G Donovan ‎(At a cocktail party). Woman: "You have 11 children? I've always wanted to meet a sex maniac!" Dad: "Well... my wife is around here somewhere..."
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Simon G Donovan ‎(After reading Moby Dick) Dad: "I fancy myself an Ishmael. But I'm pretty sure you think of me as an Ahab."
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Lea Donovan Watson On Grampy's frist visit to the Watson teenytiny condo in Waterville Valley he said; "I am amazed at how conveniently you can accommodate so many people comfortably."
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Lea Donovan Watson and....then he added; "all it takes is money (and power)." this prompted a HUGE discussion on the difference between money and power to which he asked; "What good is money without power?"
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Lea Donovan Watson ‎"I'm surprised Meme says she has nothing against money. She gets rid of it as fast as she gets it !"
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Lea Donovan Watson ‎"Let's go down the beacharino."
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Lea Donovan Watson To the many toddlers who appeared in his long life who were learning about "mine", he'd gently squeeze their knees with affection and say; "Those are Grampy's knees." He delighted in the squeals of laughter, protest, exclamations, and banter as to who owned those knees.
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Lea Donovan Watson ‎....about meme; "What a mother."
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Keara Maureen Watson to me, recently, when I told him that I was going to France to teach English, "We'll come visit you."
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Linda Ellison These are fantastic!!!
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James G. Watson ‎'Hey Eunice, bring out some more hot bread!' After hiking the Webster Cliff Trail in Crawford Notch, Grampy and Meme took about 20 of us out to eat at an Italian restuarant for Xander's brithday. One waitress at our table yelled to the other waitress in the kitchen about getting us more bread. Grampy thought this was hilarious. This became a familiar line whenever we got together for dinner - at our hosue or Centre Farm.
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Simon G Donovan ‎"Why should I learn Latin? It's a dead language." Dad: "Well... You're going to be dead for a long time."
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James G. Watson ‎"Another one of those 'wall to wall' people events."
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Simon G Donovan Dad (after refusing to change American dollars into Francs): "I know we're in Paris. But I bet there's still a Frenchman here who likes to get his hands on couple a' greenbacks."
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Lea Donovan Watson About 5 years ago, I was talking with my dad about death. I said; "Well, dad, being a doctor, you must have witnessed a lot of people dying." Dad answered; "Yes, I did...... and no one ever came back and complained about it."
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Simon G Donovan ‎@lea. I LOVE that one. It reminded me of Dad saying: "I really should think of a way to thank all these smokers and drinkers. Without them, I'd be outta business!"
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James G. Watson After a fire pit at 544 Grampy said; "I'd have to say this was one of the most perfect events ever."
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Charley Donovan ‎"Whoever poured the water down the hole, raise your hand."
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Charley Donovan ‎"I've had a killing day."
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Charley Donovan The Police: "Dr. Donovan, your horse is going down Main Street." Dad, after getting dressed and taking up the chase, "But wait. I don't have a horse anymore."
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Charley Donovan ‎"I'll give you a quarter for that."
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Denault Donovan An EMT has responded to a 911, Dad has already recovered from a small siezure, Dad apologizes for the wasted trip, the EMT says don't worry you're taxes pay my salary; Dad says "I'd rather have the cash back"
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Maureen Donovan OK. I suppose I should join the party.... When Dad was giving me a hug, her would often turn to Mom and say, "Remember when Maury was our only child?"
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Maureen Donovan Feeling very appreciative of all my sisters and brothers. as well as my mother right now.... Also, feeling Dad's spirit with us at Centre Farm tonight.
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Gale Gibbons From a note he sent after Moni & Simon got engaged about Monica reading a 300 page book by Christopher Dawson--"I thought Simon you've got to marry this girl.. . .Thanks for making such a perfect mate for our adored son (Baby #11)." A special man. . .
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Denault Donovan Great one Gale!!
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Denault Donovan Shauna was loading a truck for an auction. Dad asks me to help her and to get as much junk as I can out of the barn. I end up loading a chair that belongs to dad. Dad buys the chair at the auction...Why did you buy that chair dad?..."I have one just like it i n the barn"
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Ailis Donovan Kiernan Let's trade this mother in for a fat one.
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Maureen Donovan Very funyay.....
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Lea Donovan Watson ‎"I see a Christmas tree, ha ha. Ha ha." Dad promted us to look for Christmas lights while driving in the Dodge stationwagon. I am sure it was a distraction technique to stop some baby from crying or two kids from poking each other. Jim and I used it with our kids and I share it with families in Auditory-Verbal Therapy. It works!
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Christine Bresnahan I love reading all these! What a fabulous idea!
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Tara Donovan Canellas I remember getting a gift for being sick!
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Simon G Donovan Kd nicknames from dad: Sizzle (Simon), Alice-a-piece-a-pie (Ailis), Denziger (Den), Granjovi (Grant), Taz (Tara), The Wizard (Oren, Oz), Lee-lee (lea), Chaz (Charles), Shauna-nina (Shauna), Eduardo (Ed)...
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Rosemarie Casey As I would look forward to my summer vacation: It's the 4th of July--summer's almost over
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Simon G Donovan ‎@pinky - You are SO RIGHT! I remember this. We're reading this and laughing at the farm.
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Denault Donovan NO TV ON SCHOOL NIGHTS!!
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Lea Donovan Watson Jim & I were new parents. Keara was 9 months old. She kept climbing out of her crib and falling on the floor. We'd put her back in her crib and tell her not to do that. We tried this and that. Nothing worked. Finally out of desperation, I called Meme & Grampy for advice. Grampy said; "There is only one solution; you and Jim get in the crib and let Keara have the house."
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Simon G Donovan ‎@Lea: and that's pretty much what you did! :)
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Lea Donovan Watson I always laughed at Grampy's jokes and followed his - always?
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Maureen Donovan On Saturday mornings: "Maureen - wake up! It's 7:45 and you're gonna be late for school." Then laughing hilariously as I jumped out of bed and raced to get dressed..... (Regret to admit it, but this joke never failed to work ... slow learner; not a morning person; undiagnosed celiac... many excuses)
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Lea Donovan Watson ‎"Bringing out the Bulleyes is like bringing out the Baked Alaska!"
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Lea Donovan Watson ‎"There's a big ship sailing on the Illey Alley Oh......"
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Denault Donovan ‎"Born on a mountain top on Charlies head......."
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Simon G Donovan When passing an antique shop, he would shout: Anti-Q's !!
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Lea Donovan Watson ‎"I'm almost a hundred!" Dad often exclaimed because he was pleased he lived such a long life. Now, with the typo on the Birches bookmark, it indicates he was "almost a thousand"!
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