Turkey-a-palooza at Paulins

It was also Turkey day on the east coast.  From the looks of it, the Paulins did great work.  We're worried about a couple things:

 - Has Justin been hanging out with Meme and Grampy too much and therefore decided to keep the heat in the house at a comfortable 32'F.  Hey!  Water is still comfortable at 32'

 - We want a detailed explanation of exactly what Lea is doing in photo 5.

 - Ed lost the game of Operation! to Elizabeth.  Think about that the next time your throat hurts.

the racers are ready

Little smack tawkin'! You wanna piece of me? DO YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME?!

Fraser, now in college, decides to grow a wee bit of facial hair and wear a silly hat, thus prooving that his parents money on tuition is well spent.

They're off!

Between Lea and Hannah, this site is going to be shut down by the Christian right-wing of whatever group. What are you DOING Lea?

Time to head to Elizabeth's, where she is sloooooowing shoveling the snow.

At this rate, we'll be done... by April.

Why move to Utah? Stay here and don't EVER comb your hair again!

Hey Justin! Can you turn the heat up so Elizabeth can take off her coat? What do you think this is? Centre Farm?!

Jim says: "Well. I never comb MY hair."

Turkey says: "Dudes. Will you STOP talking about hair?"

Fraser says: "It's true. I feel a certain kinship with this bird friend of mine. I mean, look at our heads? Aren't we all the same, after all?"

Jim says: "Step aside college boy."

Justin turned the heat up so Elizabeth was able to dress in dinner wear and enjoy plenty of potatoes.

Pumpkin spiced latte? In a bowl? Brilliant!

Justin says: "I like his hat. No one call tell me otherwise."

Lea says: "Oh yeah. You'll wear a hat like that one of these days."

Ed says: "This is kinda like taking someone's tonsils out."

Ahhhh. The camera doesn't work. Where is that geek Simon when you need him?

Time for operation! Think Ed sandbagged this one?

Elizabeth, killing Ed at - literally - HIS OWN GAME

Ed says: "This is tougher than it looks."

"Seriously, do NOT show this picture to any of my patients."

Two red heads

Time for tunes!

After beating Ed at operation, Elizabeth decides to design her own rocket ship

Fraser says: "Dude. I'm only in my first year of college, and you guys made me take my hat off, so I'm not thinking clearly right now."

Move to Connecticut! Why would you want to live in a state that sorta shaped like a strange-looking triangle?

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