Lea vs. Ed - Part 2

The sibling rivalry that we all know is so strong between Ed and Lea just boiled over.  After crushing Ed in a defeat earlier in the summer, Lea decided to put the power on.  Ed pulled a Jimmy Carter - and look where he was hanging out!

This montage starts out with Thomas and Abby walking along the beach, looking at seagulls and wondering about life.  It's the kind of thing you do when you go to Ohio State.

Thomas: Seagulls are sooooo coooool.

Abby: I agree. I'm glad Lea and Jim sailed us to Cranes beach and then left us while they shopped for antiques for 12 hours.

Thomas: Hey! Where did the...

Ah! Whew! There they are!

Jim: That's right! We dumped those exestential seagull-lovers at Cranes. Now, let's hit the White Elephant!

Thomas promised Abby a great vacation in New England. Did he tell her this included a 5 mile road race? Doubtful.

Lea turns on the jets!

Abby shouts: Thomas! Remind me to shoot myself the next time you invite me on vacation!

Hey! Where's Ed???

Ed: I'm managing my fig trees! I can't compete with Lea, I have other interests. She's got this whole bill-gates-I-have-to-monopolize-running thing.


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