Keara - Designing the Future

First of all, Keara complimented me on my glasses.  When you get complimented on your eyewear by an architect, you know you look good.  Second of all, Portland is a great town.  Everyone there is an architect.  This can be tough, if you're an architect looking for work.  But if you happen to be visiting and working in a completely different field (technology, for example) this is a very good thing.  You blissfully ignore the homeless person begging for 50 cents, using the torn edges of his architectural degree as a change-catcher, and check out all the great buildings.  People from Portland hire industrial engineers to design waste baskets.  No detail is too small.  The cracks in the sidewalk?  You guess it!  Jackson Pollack!

Anyway, we loved it there.  Maureen and Jim flew in just to see Keara's presentation.  And we all know that when you're with Maureen and Jim, you end up doing all this Asian stuff.  It's "Asian-this" and "Asian-that" and "oh my oh my aren't the Asians so much better than we are!  Look at their fancy gardens!"  I started to talk about French people and Jim cut me off!  Mid-sentence!  J'en étais offusqué!

But Keara's presentation rocked!  Her reviewers needed a swift kick in the pants, but her presentation rocked solid.  I understood maybe 10% of what she was saying.  If I had had more wine, I think I would have clocked in at 20%.  But anyway, it all sounded good.  There was a school.  It was near a river.  And the school rocked.  That's all I understood and all I needed to understand.  If I wanted to build a school near a river, then I would hire Keara.

a chinese garden, which is actually quite different from a japanese garden, but i can't remember how

japanese garden - no wait! - chinese. i think. not sure.

jim, explaining how he was so sorry when he tripped over that homeless architect

definitely chinese. wait... ah. forget it. they're both really cool looking...

these are NOT chinese or japanese people. but one employed portland architect and three marginally employeed relations

very interesting photo. we could call it: "first and last" or "bookends" or maybe "beginning, followed by... perfection" yes.. that's it....

drinking on a rooftop. why don't i like this photo?

this fish has a job in portland as an architect. he designs fins.

if they had beards and guitars, i'd swear they were ZZ Top about to take a leak on the side walk

definitely.... jap... no... chin... hmmm... let me call maureen here...

kear's presentation -which was AWESOME! i wanted all my kids (all 2 of them) to go to this school and frollick by the river

again, this is just a model. the school itself would be much, much larger. big enough for kids to actually fit into

this is what architects do. they draw stuff, talk about it, make it sound cool, and then charge you huge bucks

an "aerial" view. again, the school would be bigger. picture little declans and dashiells running around by the river, breaking windows, etc

"hi! i'm an architect! can i have a quarter!"

both maureen and jim think: "thank goodness we studied asian language and culture and could therefore be gainfully employed our entire lives. whew!"

these ZZ Top guys? again!?!?!


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