Jim's Painting

Congratulations to Jim "sleepy man" Watson on his recent painting award.  This is awesome news!

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Subject: Re; James, the Painter, wins award at NSAS Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 22:00:12 -0400

From: Lea and Jim Watson <avcc@adelphia.net>

To: Simon - Nav <simon@navonod.com>

Simon, Big news for Navonod! Jim and I each submitted 2 watercolors at the North Shore Art assoc exhibit which opens tomorrow! Jim's painting of "Sailing" won an award at the North Shore Art Association!!! He just got the phone call tonight! I will give more details later. Of course, I will photograph (and get autographs, etc.) The painting is for sale!!!! I think someone might buy it if it won an award!! Oh, I think I will call you up on the phone--- BYE, Lea

Jim's Winner

Lea paints dunes!

Fraser's painting

It ain't the MFA but it's better than where YOUR water colors are!

Jim!! Com'on man! Wake up! Your painting won!


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