Fraser Road Trip

Lea wrote the note below and we never received status or photos.  Is Fraser Kerouac-ing around the USofA?

Hi, Here is a pic of Fraser and Isaac Pike who are driving YOUR way! They left this morning at 6 am. They plan to be in Columbus, OH maybe tonight? Dec 30th? or tomorrow. Isaac is from Gloucester and is the older brother of one of Fraser's best friends from GHS. Isaac is going back to school and will be living in Denver. He told Fraser he'd drive him to SLC and ski with him and Xan. Isaac was in the Marines. He was over in Iraq, etc. He has an "Army buddy" who is at OSU, so they will stop there, too. I gave Fraser Maureen and Jim's number, so he may contact you guys. I hope he does! If you want to call him, his cell is:978.828.9638. I am sure they'd love a surprise phone call as they are driving.

Anyway, I hope you all have a fun New Year's Eve and a wonderful 2006!

Love, Lea

PS Simon, I do not think they will drive as far as San Fran, but be on the look out anyway- OK?

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