A 3 hour tour

It all started out innocently enough, but ended very strangely.  The Watsons invited some friends on a 3 hour tour.  Who's skipper?  Where's Gilligan?  And what happened to Ginger's hair?  Find out as you read below!

professor, mary-ann, ginger, thurston, skipper?

the ship they left in

jim says: if i'm driving, who's taking this picture?

if jim lifts his leg like this - stand to windward!

i'm tellin' ya! get upwind of that action!

whew - the professor and ginger are upwind

mary-ann is not so lucky

what's that smell? does skipper have his leg in the air again?

ginger showing her red hair

mary-ann looks starved and a little bit scary in this shot

where have they been keeping thursten this whole time?


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