Declan calls Utah "Foooootah" which is fine with us.  We had a great time at Grant and Ellen's place.   Meme, Grampy, Charles, Yvette and Xan all made appearances.  Jules and Hannah were so nice with Declan.  This was a refreshing change for him (given his parents).  Grant kept us well versed with great wines.  His friend lent us a really nice guitar so Charles and I could try out duet chops.

What can we say?  We came, we ate we went sledding.

let's gather pumpkins, baby, we're gooooin' to fooootah!

ellen let us make the table cloth - with our hands!

keepin' this a family site folks, but hannah really "cracks" us up!

The end result was awesome.

right up there with picasso's "man washes chicken"

Declan sees snow and says: "WHHHHhhhaaaha!?!?!?"

Grant and Jules go nuts on the slopes

This reminds me of the first time I took Mon skiing, which was a very, very bad story. One that shouldn't even be hinted at.

Declan and Daddy on the "noooh"

It looks like he's laughing, but that's the beauty of photography!

Checking out the chairlift

Zander practicing for his luge race with U Simon

Grant herds the kids

Declan looks behind us: "Is that mormon kid talkin' to me?"

Hello from Foootah!

Declan, the viking drummer, beats the ancient rhythm: "EAT THE BIRD! EAT THE BIRD!"

The only thing we can see is: "Look at his tongue. Man. That's strange."

Meme and Grampy spent the week-end ignoring the noisy neighbors and generally enjoying their books.

Jules' room is about the coolest place. There is a light, that is also a train. Unbelieeeevable. It must be turned off/on several thousand times.

Love my mommy!

Telling her about the train that's also a light and if you don't believe me, well, let me turn it off/on another couple hundred times.

She's also a nice seat.

Move to Utah! And look like us!

Move to Utah! And learn how to pick at your ear AND teeth simultaneously.

Move to Utah! And get this strange elbow condition.

Grant cooks chicken soup. Clear the kitchen. Wait 5 days. Resume cooking.

Desert tray. Let's GUESS who took this picture...

Ellen takes awesome pictures! Dec in action

Hannah heads on down the road.

Great pic of Dec


He obviously doesn't get the photogenic nature from dad

This segment is "Dec in Yellow"

Jules with Tongue Out

Dec in Diaper

Hannah thinks: "Which one to destroy first?"

Xan and Grampy

This is a patented grocery pick up process. We really shouldn't share this with the public.

"That's right," says Meme, "We do prefer our west coast grand children. They don't yet know enough to talk back!"

Move to Utah! You too can be this good looking!

Move to Utah! I'm single and I drive LDS women wild!

Meme says: "This is interrupting my reading!"

Grampy says: "Please keep it down!"

Monica says: "Can the noisy people go away and the quiet readers stay put?"

Charles and Simon say: "It ain't me babe!"

"It ain't me yer lookin' for babe..."

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