Ed the Wedding Master

Ed posted on Nav O'Blog that he wasn't in many wedding photos.  We went back to the Ailis wedding photo archive and discovered why.  We had kept this a secret so far, because it was such a perverse ploy to gain attention.  The true story: Ed was frustrated by the lack of photos being taken of his beautiful personage.  In a moment of sheer desperation, he asked AIlis to marry HIM - just so he could get in some photos.  Not only is this illegal, it's very, very sick.  Although, it may actually be legal in New Hampshire, which might have contributed to Ed's confusion.  Anyway: You can't marry your sister, this much is clear.

We at the navonod.com editorial staff understand the desire people have to make it to navonod.com.  We know you seek fame, and navonod.com is your only hope.  We understand our important role.  But please folks, don't do crazy things like marry your sister just to get on navonod.com.  Send us photos - we'll post them!

Dude - does this thing get MTV?

Oh yeah! We've got Ed

True to our hick heritage, Ed decides to marry Ailis

That's right. In a desperate attempt to get into some wedding photos, Ed decides to marry his sister.

Richie's family says: "That's just plain wrong."

Meme says: "Ed! You don't have to marry your sister to get into a photo, just sit with us!"

Lea says: "You ain't seen nothing yet! Wait until you see what's coming on the next Lea and the Weddingettes tour!"

Folks, this is why we live 3,000 miles away

a great shot of the ladies

This one doesn't even need a caption.

Declan will look at this and bribe me for allowance years from now.

A man is judged by the rock he gives!

Tara says: "I haven't seen Ed in years. Is here tonight?"

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