Martine: Is she really a Donovan?

Photos like these make me very suspicious.  Take a look at Martine - do you think Donovan blood can do this?  She obviously got some crazy Cajun mix in there.  I watched her play soccer a while back and needed a nap after the game - it was tiring!  But the last photo is proof that she's a nodder, as she casually talks smack with another player.  I consider my most valuable athletic asset my ability to make fun of the other team.  It's a necessary role, and one that I have come to cultivate over the years.  As I head out on my 1.5 mile run, from which I'll return exhausted and achy, I know, that deep down, I'm a true athlete.

Talkin' smack: the difference between "wanna bees" and champions!

The proud father with his star daughter

where did she get her physique?

does this look like a donovan to you?

still running

talkin' smack with other players! now there's a donovan

here she goes again

the team!

the senior players

Charles teaches college kids law - and they get a whole quarter for a right answer!

When you look like Charles, anything is an improvement

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