Charles: reaching the pinnacle of life

In this short, life-spanning montage, we follow Charles from his humble beginnings as a young kid who dressed like a lawyer to a guy who, well, dressed like a lawyer.  You may ask: "How could someone with such little fashion sense be so successful?"  In fact, that is an excellent question.  It's great having Charles and his family so close.  When I'm hanging out with him, I feel so much better because I know that there's a pumpkin head out there that not only rivals my own squash but basically eclipses it.

in the beginning. charles thinks: "How can I sue my principal?"

now he thinks: "I AM the principal baby!"

with part of the western clan, playing lacrosse of all things

ski trip with the richies

Finally, the pinnacle of his existence - being a godfather! We call this one: "Big foreheads and blue eyes."

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