Charfunkles "23rd avenue" sessions

The fans have demanded it - and we have supplied it.  These are photos from the now legendary "23rd avenue" sessions.  This was the second time the charfunkles met up and we rocked it steady as usual.

Charles got all "george mitchell" on us and doesn't show up in any photos.

we always speak with liverpool accents. it helps us generate that apple records feel. Neal says: "Fancy a walk round the garden lads?"

declan, on bass (turned off) and vocals, warms up

yvette readies her vocal chops

declan on bass

playing "charley MTA!" for a while, delcan thought charles' name was actually charley-MTA

"Lads. I'm gettin' re-verb in me head so bahd. Can we turn that down a bit now?"

mixing tracks

neal sings

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