SiMonica - Ellen Combo Platter

This starts with Simonica's fourth of july celebration, which combined fine hot dog cuisine with chips and M&M's.  We then move  to Ailis' wedding and plenty of beach photos.

Mrs. Phillips saw me and Declan on the beach one morning at 6AM.  Declan was on his way out to Bald Rocks.  She said: "Ah.  He's just like you - INTO EVERYTHING!."  I'm not sure what that meant, but I'm sure I know what it means.

fourth of july - declan style!

declan can't say his parents raised him right. we got enough junk food to choke a nascar fan

hot dog + beer / M&M's = happy daddy

declan in his "hugh heffner at the wentworth" pose

gimme those bubbles

dad, i'm just trying to run in the middle of the road

mon's dress - wow!

declan got the camera

declan's second photo

here comes grampy and ailis

we had the secret service (provided by empire marine) on hand



meme and grampy on hand

lea and the weddingettes - in your town soon!

the couple of the hour!

hanna taking after mommy

grampy: "hey kid, are you with the enquirer?"

since chris had his foot up, declan decided that EVERYONE need to keep their feet up

daddy has lost 20 pounds since then - and declan has gained 30

i love wingearsheek!

mia showing me the ropes

our favorite shot of declan!

chopsy drives the firetruck

early morning (every morning) down on the beach

the fam


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