Ailis' Wedding, According to Tara

Before you scroll down, be warned that there are some nasty photos of Chris' foot.  Otherwise, enjoy the set provided by Tara.

mia enjoys the beach

natalie and hannah enjoy food, while jules just lays out

grant, having not read the "bunny ears" directions, accidentally gives ailis the "thumb ear" and starts a new trend in ruining pictures

lea and grant show us: "look ma! no dentures!"

the cousins decide neal's indian name is: "head like wild rose bush"

ellen shows off her kids: aqua boy and girl

"look ma! no gum!"

we're serious. we're watsons. we're protestant. we don't swear.

smiles all around

elizabeth gives us a tune!

jules, like he father, must take everything apart and figure out how it works

the lovely couple

great pic of the ladies

like it or not, this is our future

andre says: "ah. that's right. i'm your future!"

charles says: "if that's the future table, what table am i at?"

everyone at this table likes to eat. look at them dive in!

a more civilized table

ailis says: "nervous? if i were nervous, would i be eating corn-on-the-cob?"

great shot of natalie!

the thumb ear appears again!

this picture sponsored by lay-z-boy

talking architecture, music and heavy eye gear

jim says: "i've told richie all i can. it's up to him now!"

tell me of a pie up in the sky..

mike, the capitalist mongrel, looks on as we sing our socialist protest songs

den and mike say: "no simon, we think that hat looks cool. did you get a free bowl of soup with it?"

meme: "and that's how you raise 11 kids..."

very pretty pic of mia

natalie in curls

andre shilacked his hair

mike says: "this is a WEDDING? i thought wilco was playing here!?!"

charles says: "grant! hide your bald spot!" (and that's actually true)

if someone got murdered at this wedding, maureen would be suspect number 1. she looks very mysterious!

sharon looks nice

jim thinks: why didn't we have twins. they're pretty cool.

preppiest family alive? you decide...

great shot of the FLA family!

grampy and ailis approach


a great shot of the new couple!

smiles all around!

we're good looking and from florida too!!

cool shot of the cousins

can i get one foot with a side of fries?

on second thought, hold the foot, just give me the fries

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