Ailis' Wedding, According to Ed

My favorite pre-wedding memory is when Charles and I decided to finally install the front door knocker at Ed's house.  Simonica had given Ed this door knocker about 8 years ago.  We got the job done "donovan style."  This means that the knocker was installed, but with a couple extra holes in the door (to let that moist New Hampshire wind right in!) and it was slightly - every so slightly - tilted at an angle.  Like any good parent, I blame Declan for the whole thing.  Ed stared in disbelief as we showed him the "advantages" of having three holes in his front door.  He showed very little appreciation for our work.

Chris will probably remember this as the only wedding (besides his own) that very nearly killed him.  I'll remember the jam sessions and the beautiful wedding on the lawn.  What a great time!

do i like working for ed? hmmm. do you like having your finger nails pulled off?

help us! we work for ed! he's crazy!

we over-heard chris saying: "i know he's your boss, but think how it feels having a crazy brother-in-law..."

natalie takes the helm: "let's sink uncle ed's boat!"

on the water front

ed is still a little upset about losing to lea in the road race, so he keeps his sneakers on - just in case!

yes folks, the navonod file system!

denny thinks his boat is better. uh oh!

future CEO's here selling lemonade

lemonade stand board-of-directors. they're a pretty "hands off" bunch

i like sunglasses

i prefer squinting!

these chairs are VERY well made

chris says: "if ed gets that thing near my ear again, i'm going to sock him!"

back at the beach, hanging around

the twins declare that ed is pretty cool..

the safest place to be when the fireworks start going off is with mommy

simon, charles and declan decide to "help" ed install the door knocker

jamming at uncle ed's

declan in the fig trees

declan likes visiting - but not WORKING for - ed

ed's new office. declan approves of the general check-up

justin strikes up the tune!

ailis thinks: "Who left that bush in the isle? Oh. That's Neal's hair..."

Dad thinks: "They should trim that wild rose bush. Oh. That's Charley's hair..."

justin looks over "dixie chicken" and gets ready to play

the clan, super-augmented and ready to go

richie's family thinks: "well, they're strange. but he could do a lot worse!"

Grampy had to run to a St. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band gig after the wedding

the gals, looking great!

While this might look like a wedding photo, it's actually Lea with her new back-up band "the weddingettes"


jamming at the hotel

charles says: "nirvana isn't a band. it's a state of mind, dude."

neal says: "dad, which of my uncles was actually IN uncle john's band?"

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