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Subject: blog is raging and new photos
Date: Sat, 05 Nov 2005 10:22:10 -0800
From: Simon Donovan <>
CNN calls Nav O'Blog:  "The best Irish-based blog west of Shannon."  
Check it out!  Some bad news:  In updating the site, I actually stepped 
on the most recent copy of the Nav O'Blog database, so we have LOST a 
lot of posts.  Please help in posting comments to Nav O'Blog so we can 
get this back on track.  This will NOT happen again, we promise...

You must know that Ed posted a funny message about him not being in any 
of Ailis' wedding photos.  We fixed that one pretty good...

John B - please re-post your message!!:

Check out:



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Subject: mega nod
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 22:59:20 -0700
From: Simon Donovan <>

we're back.  we heard so many complaints.  you know, things like: "why
have you stopped making fun of people"  and "is zander still homeless?"
we had to set the record straight.

BIG NEWS: Jim W wins painting contest and sleeps through the awards!

in this installment, you will learn:
- do donovans look good in cowboy suits with 70's style haircuts?
- why has charley's hair grown "a wee bit whispy"?
- how did andre lose his shirt?
- why did declan call mary alice "people coming"?
- how do you make tadpole cake?
- if jim and lea invite you on a "3 hour tour" should you go?
- why does lea insist on being called "queen of sheba" nowadays?
- why is there so much contraversy swirling over ailis' wedding photos?
- which is bigger: mt. lassen or neal's hair?
- why do lea and ed compete so vigorously?
- why does thomas like seagulls so much?

also in this edition:
- nava-blog.  you can put comments right on the navanod site!  very cool!

start off at the best place:


Sent: Friday, January 07, 2005 9:53 PM

Subject: nodders new years
we have christmas photos to share, declan's first birthday and some wacky shots of a vodoo doll in new hampshire.  in this issue, you will learn:
 - why is ed giving navonod "the finger"
 - what's the best way to test if the ice is safe?
 - do golf clubs taste good?
 - why do californians give each other warm clothes at christmas?
 - is omniraz a word?
 - why should we all get our hair cut with jules and hannah?
 - what does "chalet" mean in watson-speak?
 - and much, much more!
Senor Declan tiene un ano !
It's a Declan Christmas for sure....
Hannah and Jules

New Hampshire "chalet" trip
Watson Corner:
 Christmas collage:
  Christmas note:


Sent: Friday, December 31, 2004 7:05 PM
Subject: charles plays silent night!

check out charles' version of silent night.  he plays guitar and bass at the same time.  does this dude have four hands or what?!?!?

Sent: Friday, December 24, 2004 10:53 PM

Subject: faster than santa

before santa falls off his sleigh and yells: "Hey Mrs. C, get me some of that foot creme, my dogs are TIRED!"  ... 
before you can open that present, look for the receipt and run to the mall and get something you actually want...
before the last lobster sandwich is stolen from the fridge at centre farm..
you guessed it, navonod has photos posted with those now famous "so true they're funny" comments...
first things first:
Charles made a diplomatic visit to New Zealand.  Due to what he claims is a "gross misunderstanding," New Zealand has now declared war on the US.  They are sending a life raft and some dude with a sling shot our way as we speak.  CNN has live coverage.  George W. has declared that all New Zealanders will be put in prison "just in case those kiwi buggers think of something bad."  Read all about it:
SiMonica bought a new Prius.  That's right.  It's not enough to live in San Francisco, now we drive one of those hippie-lovin'-half-way electric cars.  Is it true that if you own an SUV you get a Christmas card from Saudi Arabia?
East meets West in a Christmas photo shoot-out

Sent: Sunday, December 26, 2004 8:56 AM

Subject: a very important message from lea

please read this post as it is very important.