Wine Reviews

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Rating Legend

1 "Blah..." or "Blech!"  Whichever, just don't buy it again.
2 We'd give it to friends, but never drink it ourselves.
3 A table wine, probably worth buying but don't admit that you like it.
4 A table wine, one that fits with the right meal.
5 A solid table wine, with some good flavor.
6 A solid wine, you'd brag about this to French people.
7 Not only would you brag to French people, you would certainly buy another bottle.
8 You'd buy another bottle, and possibly move closer to the vineyard.
9 You are considering offering first borns to the vineyard owner for a taste of a 1998.
10 This wine changed your life.  You think: "Mais, comment vivais-je sans ce gout?"

Wine List

Vineyard Wine Year Cost Rating Review Web Site?
Clos du Bois Merlot 1999 10.00
Hogue Syrah 1999 15.00
Cascade Cliffs Syrah 2000 18.00
Moreau et Fils Moreau Blanc 2002 5.00
Volnay 1er Cru - En Champans Bourgogne 1998 45.00
Chateau Bel Air Bordeaux - Medoc 1997 30.00
Youngberg Hill Pinot Noir 1998 20.00
Chateau Boutisse Bordeaux - St. E 1998 30.00
Fat Bastard Shiraz 2000 10.00 5 Simon says: More for eating with spicey food, but solid
Pietra Santa Pinot Noir 1997 17.00 4 Simon says: Had this with our supper club, good with the home-cooked chineese dumplings, but nothing special
David Bruce  Petite Syrah 2000 17.00 5 Simon says: Good with the ciopinno
Lucas Vineyard Bottle of Blues (red) 1999 ? 8 Lea says: Jim and Keara purchased the huge bottle of Blues their 21rst anniversary wine, they really liked this and would give it an 8
Lucas Vineyard Tug Boat (white) 1999 ? 7 Lea says: Denny's friend owns this vineyard and Denny & Sharon always share a bottle of the red/white Tug Boat Finger Lakes table Wine which I like -so we came home with a bottle of 1999
Hacienda Chardonnay Clair de Lune ? 13.00 10 Lea says: I was at my book group about 4 years ago when a friend of mine offered me a gals of wine. I hesitated and thought maybe a cup of tea would suffice, but she said; "I have a perfect wine for you, please try it?" I tried hacienda chardonnay and it changed  my life! I am now a Hacienda lover. I have tried many other wines and none compare. I am lucky because it is not expensive $13 for a 1.5L. I  just need "an inch" with dinner. This smooth wine has an oaky smokey and fruity flavor which is wonderful for me. My family joins me in this pleasure. They joke with me about it and think I am a little nuts to prefer this "inexpensive"California wine, but they seem to enjoy an open bottle just as must as I do!
Fox Run Chardonnay ? 9.00 10 Lea says: Also a finger lake wine. Keara and her friends have purchased a couple of cases of this (her friend gets a nice 30% discount because she works at the vineyard) We will be enjoying this at Keara's graduation party this Saturday night. Jim, Keara, & I give it a 10 because when we tried it 4 years ago when Keara first started at HWS, we were enthralled with the taste. Even Xan and Fraser agree this is a 10.