Lea Watson is a killer in the kitchen!  Look at these great recipes!

Tara, our new glutton-free specialist, has posted a delicious-sounding muffin recipe:


Pureed Cauliflower over Coconut Rice (Lea Watson)

Roasted Root Vegetables (Lea Watson)

Baked Tomatoes with basil and parmesan (Lea Watson)

Zucchini Crusted Pizza (Lea Watson)

Gluten Free Muffin Mix (Tara Canellas)

Sweet Potato Biscuits (Lea Watson)

Lobster Pie (Lea Watson)

Asparagus Omelet (Lea Watson)

Root Vegetable Latkes (Lea Watson)

Fat Chew Fruit and Oatmeal (Lea Watson)

Braised Tofu in Carmel Sauce (Monica Donovan)

Chianti Braised Stuffed Chicken (Monica Donovan)

Shaw Hill Valentine Velvet Chocolate (Monica Donovan)

Potato Gratin with Goat Cheese (Monica Donovan)