Donovan Genealogy


Charles sent the following note and Donovan "org chart."

After Declan, Monica and I had lunch with Pat Flaherty week before last
(great lunch; marvelous conservation; no puerile interruptions from younger
brothers), she was kind enough to put together a genealogy of our father.
This seems a natural for the Permanent Collection of the 'Nod.  I, for one,
didn't realize that our father was named for his two grandfathers, Alfred
Humphrey Murphy and Michael Francis Donovan. 

Now, if you meet someone named Hayes, Nagle, Lawlor, Crowley, Smith,
McCarthy, Miley, Mannion, Fitzpatrick or Lynch, you'll have something to
talk about. 

Sounds like a bus full of Micks.

Donovan Genealogy Chart